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The purpose of a sales plan is revenue
Without a plan, revenue becomes haphazard.  Without revenue, performance and profits lag
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Purpose - Sales must have a Purpose  

The guru of modern management, Peter F. Drucker, wrote, "Who is the customer?” is the first and crucial question in
defining business
purpose and business mission.  It is not an easy, let alone an obvious question.  How it is being
answered determines, in large measure, how the business defines itself."
(“Defining Business Purpose and Mission” in
The Daily Drucker, HarperCollins Publishers.)  

Sales focus on winning the customer.  Winning the customer begins, as Drucker writes, with "how the business defines
itself."  Have you defined your business and its mission?  Once you accomplish this, you will be on your way toward a
successful sales plan.
Plan - Sales must have a Plan

Sales consist of a plan that is both strategic and tactical.  That is, it focuses on the big picture AND the details.  It
involves both a road map and implementation.  The strategic is the road map while the tactics is the implementation.

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Customer-Driven Budgeting - Prepare, Engage, Execute.
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Performance - Sales must have direction for Performance

Relying on past performance is no indicator for the future.  The past does not drive the future.  Direction comes from
pro-activity.  Sales are objective-driven and customer-driven.  Both lead to a solid sales forecast.

But performance takes more than being objective-driven and customer-driven.  It take FUNDING!  Marketing and sales
efforts rely on funding from a variety of sources.  The primary source initially may be external from lenders or equity
placement.  However, financial institutions and equity firms want to know that you are prepared to give them a sound
return on investment.  This is where internal funding is required, that is,

We help businesses build a  sound sales and marketing plan from the ground up.  We also advise on segments of a
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Profits - Sales must be able to generate Profits

Profits are where sales and accounting intersect.  The sales team must keep it eyes on the 4 critical measurements of
sales success:

  1. Price point
  2. Gross margin
  3. Sales and marketing expenses
  4. Performance

We work with you for setting up competitive price points, gross margins for all your products, establishing a sales and
marketing budget, and identifying performance measurements.  Contact us for an appointment at (916) 585-9612 or e-
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