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Financial Management and Accounting Software Training
Accounting does not have to be complicated nor does it need to take you away from what you do best - taking care of the customer.  QuickBooks offers
industry specific and business planning tools tailored to your business.  Become organized and interact more effectively with your customers, vendors,
employees, and banker.   
We not only train you in QuickBooks but also in the basics of accounting and planning.  Ask about our
training modules in risk management and setting up business processes

Training Modules - Call us to learn more about QuickBooks and accounting requirements and how we can
help you meet your financial management needs and goals in the following areas:

  1. Setting up QuickBooks in your business
  2. Working with vendors and customers
  3. Managing fixed assets
  4. Working with your bank and bank accounts.  Learn how to select the bank that will help you grow and
    give you the tools to do so
  5. Recording sales
  6. Paying your bills
  7. Setting up and working with inventory
  8. Tracking and paying sales taxes
  9. Managing your payroll
  10. Preparing estimates and progress invoicing
  11. Financial reporting
  12. Basic accounting practices
  13. Business planning and forecasting
  14. Budgeting practices for successfully growing your business
  15. Fraud prevention evaluation

We work with one or several people in a training session.  E-mail for pricing and discounts for the number of
people you wish to train in your business.

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