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A 25-30 page report that
  1. Business strengths
  2. Business weaknesses
  3. How your business
    compares with
    competitors in your
  4. Recommendations for
    improving business
    performance and profits
  5. A sit-down discussion of
    results for strategy and
    actions to improve
    business performance
Get a Benchmark Assessment to start off your
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Why a Benchmark Assessment?
  1. Don't be blind-sighted when the bank turns you down
    because they benchmarked you first.
  2. Be ready to explain your strengths and weaknesses.  
    If you don't know them, you can't write an effective
  3. Know how your competition stacks up to your
    business performance.  If you don't know your
    competitor, you won't be able to prepare a strategy
    to compete well.

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Three strategies exist for businesses in a challenging economy:
    1.  An exit strategy,
    2.  Satisfaction with the status quo, or
    3.  Growth and expansion.  

Being satisfied and waiting for the tough times to end is simply thriving on survival.  Survival is simply not enough for an
ongoing business in today's volatile marketplace in which small businesses face the exit more frequently.  A strategy gives
business owners a focus on tomorrow and is a proactive approach to business success.

Planning your business future is more than jotting down a few notes, choosing a legal structure, setting up an e-mail address
and website, and identifying what it is you will offer the market.  It takes deliberate and focused effort in setting forth a strategy
to win customers in the marketplace.
 AFB Business Solutions has several productive tools available for helping you move
your business forward.  The following products includes the application plus coaching through the process.
publishing a book, you need to
pitch your business plan to the lender or funding party.  We take you through five steps you need to persuade the lender or funder that you
mean business and that they need to join you in your venture.
Developing a Mission Statement

Why have a mission statement?  The mission statement is the window through which
your customers see themselves in your products or services.  Your destination is the
customer's destiny.  The mission statement is all about your customer.  The mission
statement captures your customer so they don't go elsewhere.  

Recognize that your mission statement is the first stepping stone for growing your

We walk you through mission statement development word for word.  You will also receive
customized coaching until you are satisfied with your mission statement.  Coaching includes
guidance, suggestions, and review to completion.
Organizing Your Business to Meet the Market

Just as your products fits your customers needs, so also does your management team
fit the business needs.  A well-managed business has personnel in the right place with
clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

A five step development plan for your management team and how to place them where each
becomes most effective in the business.  This engagement is for small and medium businesses.  
This module also has the option of customized coaching until you are satisfied.  Coaching
includes guidance, suggestions, and reviews to completion.
Identifying Opportunities for Your Business

Opportunity is the door through which your business enters the marketplace.  Ideas
serve as catalysts for opportunity. This module guides you outside of the box for
identifying opportunities that relate to your current business offerings.  It opens the
door to greater revenue possibilities.

You offer more than you think.

Five steps toward identifying business opportunities, means of pursuing them, and ways of
identifying their revenue stream and costs
.  This module also includes customized coaching until
you are satisfied.  Coaching includes guidance, suggestions, and review to completion.
Defining and Planning for Risks Adversely Affecting Your Business

Risk is part of managing a business.  You either engage them directly or prepare an
exit strategy.

Prevent Fraud, embezzlement, theft, and other property and casualty
losses to your business

A five step process to enable you to identify external risks that could adversely affect your
business and how to answer each one with a successful plan of action.  Includes customized
coaching until you are satisfied.  Coaching includes guidance, suggestions, and review to
Developing winning strategies

Business growth requires intentional action that begins with proper definition, focus,
and strategic plan.  Do you have a strategy for growing revenue and your business?

We take you through the steps for preparing practical strategies for developing your business
for reaching customers.
Setting Objectives A Proactive Approach for Business Growth

A five step process for establishing effective objectives that align with your business

We guide you through a proven method for setting realistic and attainable objectives for
satisfying and achieving your strategies.   This module also includes customized coaching until
you are satisfied.  Coaching includes guidance, suggestions, and review to completion.  This is
a standalone product or one that can be integrated with
Strategies for Your Business.
Convincing & Realistic Forecasted Financial Statements

How much revenue will you realize from your strategies and objectives?  How much will
they cost you to implement?  Implementing a business strategy or objective without
realizing what they will produce in revenue or expenses could lead to over extending
your business.  You will then run the risk of failure.

We help you to identify your revenue stream and expenses for each strategy and
corresponding objectives you implement.  This module also includes customized coaching until
you are satisfied.  Coaching includes guidance, suggestions, and review to completion.
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