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Effective Business Processes
Improve business management, create greater efficiency,
reduce costs and risks, increase customer service and retention
Successful financial management encompasses a number of practices essential for managing and growing your
business.  Accounting is only one piece of the financial management equation.  "If a company concentrates simply on
organization, it could omit critical funding for resources that drive processes."  

"Organizational management and processes development inextricably tie together.  Organization assumes
processes for driving efficiency, cost reduction, and safeguards for the business" (
Customer-Driven Budgeting:
Prepare, Engage, Execute: the Small Business Guide for Growth
, by Floyd Talbot, Business Expert Press,
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AFB Business Solutions is a seasoned business management firm that helps business grow through effective
money management customized for your business that lead to business growth.
Key Management Areas©: Drivers of Better Processes and Business Management
KMAs assist the firm in addressing the management of business key organizational components for reporting on the processes that develop and provide products and services.  
They also offer a framework for gaining a better grip on managing the entire business organization and its constituents, such as customers, vendors, employees, investors, and
financial institutions.  They also raise these organization components’ importance and the importance of the constituents they represent so they do not become isolated
“functions” with secondary oversight or become a lost disconnected component of the business.  This is especially true when outsourcing organizational components like IT,
taxes, payroll, and similar business components.  Many companies fold or suffer financially because they fail to implement sound business processes.  About 60% of start-up
businesses fail within the first five years.  That amounts to a lot of mistakes and decision-making gone awry.  The practice of sound business processes shares a top spot on the
list of best business practices.  Learn more about Key Management Area © practices in our upcoming book entitled
Customer-Driven Budgeting, Prepare, Engage, Execute: A
Small Business Guide
by Business Export Press, NY, NY.  You can order through this link: Order Here.

AFB Business Solutions, we do not stop simply with financial management, although that is a major component of all businesses.   We give you professional and thorough
management guidance for helping you make better decisions and grow your business and resulting profits through a thorough processes evaluation.  This evaluation identifies
the following:

  1. Waste and inefficiency identification for greater cost savings
  2. Risks assessment of theft, embezzlement, fraud and other loses to your business
  3. Cost reduction opportunities
  4. Organizational and processes improvements that lend to efficient product and service delivery
  5. Greater clarification of staff roles and responsibilities for increasing productivity
  6. Clarification of Key Management Areas © for management improvement
  7. The development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for greater performance monitoring capability
  8. Implementation of internal controls for greater safeguards over assets
  9. Communications improvement
  10. Strengthened business transactions and reporting processes for improving informed decision-making
10 Steps for Greater Growth for Your Bottom Line
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